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Scott Gemmell : Bermuda…More Than Meets The Eye

Edinburgh Gallery : October 19 – November 6 2012

“Bermuda…More than meets the eye” is a photographic collection by amateur photographer Scott Gemmell.

 This collection builds on the success of Scott’s 2011 show “Good Morning Bermuda” and will feature a number of photographs of Beautiful Bermuda, using mainly long exposure and/or HDR Techniques.  This is sure to be a colorful display, presenting a wide range of non-traditional photographs of the island.

Scott’s photographs are mainly shot using a technique called “HDR” or High Dynamic Range. High Dynamic Range enables photographers to capture a greater range of detail than can be captured by a standard photograph. Good HDR photographs can capture all of the detail in the subject, the shadows and the sky, whereas in traditional photography, you often have to sacrifice one of those to maximize the others”