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Perspicacity by Tricia Walters

Edinburgh Gallery:  January 27 – February 17, 2012

This is Tricia Walters’ second solo exhibit with the BSoA and reflects her progress as an artist over the past 12 months.

She started painting in February 2010 after leaving her fulltime job as a reporter at The Royal Gazette. Self-taught to a large degree, Tricia also participates in Plein Air in Bermuda and has taken a handful of workshops at the gallery, mostly in watercolour.

“I paint primarily in Acrylic,” she explains. “I love the way the paint takes on a life of its own as it dries on various surfaces and how I’m able to create texture.”

“Perspicacity”, translated means “Keeness of Sight”, and she says the work in the show is just that: The way her eye has changed over the year she’s been painting various subject matter.

With the death of her father in September 2011, she switched her focus to his great passion: Birds. “They have such interesting expressions. I haven’t seen two birds that are exactly the same, even from the same species. Each one is as individual as we are. You can almost tell what they’re thinking when you watch them long enough.”

She adds that roosters are her favourite and there is no shortage of subject matter when it comes to these birds in Bermuda: “They take a keen interest in us too if we spend enough time with them. When you sit down and start to paint them you can see them looking at you and wondering what on Earth you’re doing. Sometimes they come right up to your feet and look up and I wonder what they think of my interpretation of them.”

Article in Royal Gazette January 25 2012